Thursday, November 8, 2012

Snow Day

          As the day grew colder, it started to snow. I pulled back the blinds, cranked the space heater up and watched it fall. I don't think I have ever seen it come down the way it did, wind pushing it in every direction, almost opaque. I listened to the kids playing in it, and having what sounded like a grand ole' time.
           Dinner time rolled around and I decided to forgo the healthy choice frozen thing I bought and head to a nice little Chinese restaurant down about four blocks. I got showered, and dressed up because it seemed like a nice little place...I walked out of the entrance to the apartments and realized, it is f-ing freezing! My hair, despite the vast amount of product in it, whipped around all over, my nose started pouring (booger queen) and I couldn't keep my eyes open. How could something so pretty be so horrible! I dredged on, in my favorite Cole Haan shoes nonetheless, and realized that all the street signs were hidden from snow. Great, now I'm lost, hungry, and slowing...painfully...destroying my shoes in the snow.
           I was done for...lost...probably going to get cut...and still very hungry. Then, I saw, not the Virgin Mary, but Wendy. Screw the Chinese restaurant, give me some chicken nuggets and a coke, okrrrrr! When I got inside and checked my gps, I found out I had only made it a block away from the apartment. I felt like I had walked to the Yukon, and really...I walked a block.

          After indulging in my inner fat kid, and f-ing up a #10 with a coke (I didn't even get diet), I came to the hard reality that I had to yet again wrap that scarf around my nose, which at this point I assumed was black from frostbite and my modeling career was over, and head back home.

          I'm happy to say that I did in fact make it home last night, but I was spent. Turned that damn heater up as high as it would go (I don't want to hear anything about not sleeping with those on because desperate times call for desperate measures), turned on the first season of Gossip Girl (Almost out of Netflix Shows to Watch), and took a big ole' melatonin pill.

          So, what have I learned? What do I take away from this situation?
                       A.) I should have bought that waterproof Cole Haan boots I wanted when they were on sale.
                       B.) Sometimes, fast food is ok.
                      C.) You cannot get frostbite on your nose in 32 degree weather when you only walk a block.

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  1. Love that you spelled out "okrrr" - made my day