Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Movin' On Up!

          It is day number three in New York City. The butterflies are gone and the bags are unpacked. It still seems a bit strange to be so far away from all my loved ones and friends, but I think I'm going to be alright.
          What have I learned so far? Hmmm, well...for starters...look at the weather of your destination before departing for the airport. A t-shirt may seem fitting in Atlanta, but not for the 30 degree weather you are flying into. Next, make sure you ask the person you are renting from if they have would assume a person would have heat in a place like this...but it may make your first night a bit less uncomfortably cold and you wont be wearing a winter coat to bed. Hello $99 dollar heater from Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Another apple of not get on a subway in rush hour if you have a slight case of claustrophobia...most people will not get off at the next stop, and yes...all the oxygen IS getting sucked out of your lungs. No one else could possibly cram into this cabin...wrong. They can, and they will die trying.
          Speaking of subways, there are some strange riders on those trains. I thought I had seen the range of homeless people in Atlanta. The ones who talk to themselves, the drunks, the ones who keep to themselves. There is a new breed up here...the performers. The world is their stage and honey, they are going to sing, dance, or whatever it takes to get that quarter out of your pocket and into that little gift bag they are holding. Or the one who gets on and of course sits right next to you...because no one normal sits right next to you on an empty train...and mutters and cusses under his breath in what I assume is him not realizing he is speaking his thoughts out loud.

           All kidding aside, I am so excited to start my new adventure. Change is good, and change makes you grow. I'm really missing my friends and family, but you have to take chances and reach for opportunities. I'm so grateful to be afforded the chance to follow my dream. Who knows if I'll make it, or be home in six months, but damn it I'm going to try my best!

          In the words of Wanda Gale Ship on Saturday Night Live, "Reach for the stars, because they don't have arms to reach for YOU."

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