Monday, November 12, 2012

My First Accosting

           I finally have a real place to live! So there is this great little apartment complex right near the river in Washington Heights, and I stumbled upon an ad on craigslist listing a room for rent. I emailed the girl, and reluctantly drug myself out of bed to check this place out on Saturday morning...not an easy task when you are hungover. So I get to the apartment and it is amazing! Huge room, great kitchen, and laundry in the building. I was sold! To make a short story even shorter, I signed today :-)        

           Well, I've yet another story from the Subways for you today. Still on the high from finding what I consider the deal of the century, I went out to do a little shopping. The day ends and I am a little disappointed I couldn't find anything, and pissed that I got lost and wondered around for 30 minutes trying to find the damn D train. I finally find the entrance, and am minding my own business reading my book and this lady (who I am pretty sure is the Gypsy from Drag Me To Hell) comes up to me and says "Give me some money. I'm hungry." Now, obviously my Ignore, Ignore Ignore! policy isn't going to work this time 'cause the chick is right in my face...dead tooth and all. I try to be as nice as I can be and explain that I don't have any cash, and get this...she hawks up a big ole snot wad and aims for her! Before I can stop myself I scream out, "Bitch, if that leaves your mouth I will push you onto the tracks!" Luckily  Mrs. Ganush (so I named her after the movie) leaves me, lugie free.
           So, what I have learned today? Don't look to happy in NYC...makes you approachable.

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